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MY family and I love living here, and Labor’s plan will make our area an even better place to live.

Supporting jobs and a strong local economy is a priority. I will fight for investment in our region that delivers jobs.

I will work to secure further funds for the Glendale Transport Interchange and other vital infrastructure.

High-speed broadband is critical, only Labor will deliver it to every home and business for free. I will fight to see Labor’s NBN rollout continue in Charlton.

Our Better Schools plan will deliver more funding and extra resources for every school, which is vitally important for our area. We will also invest more in the childcare system to help ease the pressure on local families.

Our support for the health and hospital system, including Medicare Locals, means high quality health care that meets local needs.

This is Labor’s positive vision for Charlton.

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Kevin Baker has quit the campaign for Charlton last week after it was revealed that a website he had established contained lewd and sexist jokes.

His name will still appear on the ballot paper and voters must number all the boxes.

STEVE CAMILLERI, Christian Democrat Party (Fred Nile Group)

I AM a father of two from Lake Macquarie standing for the seat of Charlton representing the Christian Democratic Party.

Voting for us will strengthen the good Christian laws we still have and restore what we have lost.

Most are aware that the values and standards of Australia past are rapidly deteriorating. Nations, as history shows, fall from within, spiritually, morally and ethically. Vote for what’s good for our nation not our wallet.

We will protect the traditional marriage, the family, senior citizens, support industries that provide employment, wealth and prosperity and a future for our children. We will stand against homosexual marriage, selling the nation’s assets, the expanding casino and liquor outlets, abortion, rising electricity costs, the expanding pornographic industry in media and shop outlets.

You have the say and we have the will, stand for what is right.

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AS a retired high school teacher, I am passionate about education. The Greens would boost public funding for schools, and reverse cuts to universities and TAFE and make them more financially accessible.

Other key issues are the need for better health services including medical and hospital facilities, dental health, aged care and mental health services, as Charlton has a growing and ageing population.

I am very concerned about climate change and its effect on Lake Macquarie.

The Greens do not support Labor’s watered down Emissions Trading Scheme, which would give a $4billion windfall to make it cheaper for the polluters to pollute, and slash programs including environmental and clean energy schemes.

We can’t afford to wind back real climate change action. I will also campaign for investment in renewable energy to bring thousands of desperately needed new sustainable jobs to Charlton, and job initiatives for our unemployed youth.

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I AM a lifelong resident of the Hunter Region. I was born in Cessnock and have resided in Coal Point for the past 15 years.

I was elected as councillor on Cessnock City Council and held that position for 12 years also serving as deputy mayor.

I am a self-employed building design consultant and a part-time casual teacher in engineering drafting at the TAFE Hunter Institute.

I am Pauline Hanson’s campaign manager for this election.

By voting 1 for One Nation in the House of Representatives and 1 above the line in group AG in the Senate you will be voting for a party that will:

a. reduce the cost of living by abolishing the carbon and mining tax; and

b. allow access to superannuation for persons up to 38 years therefore stimulating the housing industry, a key economic driver.

BRONWYN REID, Palmer United Party

THE Palmer United Party believes that Australians deserve a better deal from their government.

I’m a local resident of our electorate for over 30 years who is passionate about Australia’s future. I will work hard to make a real difference in our region

I am not a career politician or a party hack. I am a working mother, a small business owner, a professional consultant and a community advocate.

I am standing as a candidate for the seat of Charlton to fight for our region’s fair share of federal funding.

If elected as the Member for Charlton, I will fight for funding to fix Labor’s decades of neglect of our infrastructure problems such as flooding, pot-holed roads, traffic black spots and dangerous pedestrian crossings.

I will fight for funds for increased health and aged care services and affordable housing for low income families, pensioners and students.

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TREVOR ANTHONEY, Bullet Train for Australia

I AM standing as a candidate because the current rail transport network isn’t good enough, and 32 years of talk and neglect by all sides of politics has left our nation unable to make a commitment to this essential infrastructure.

I want to help create public transport that my children and millions of Australians along the east coast can easily access, and move this country into the 21st century now – not in 50 years.

If voters want to see a high-speed rail network, then now is the time to take a chance to make Australia’s greatest infrastructure project a reality.

If you want to boost our local economies, support our goal that will create 100,000 jobs for Australia. If you would like to have cutting edge transport that is green, efficient, good for our families, community, and planet, vote 1 Bullet Train for Australia, then as you normally would.

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