LETTER: Humanity’s influx can lift economy

WE need to review our taxation policy to help fund our infrastructure and open up the north of Australia for food production.

To do all this we need to consider a wealth tax and eliminate tax havens. To help keep house prices down we need to scrap negative gearing.

A lot of petty crime would be prevented by a fairer distribution of wealth; a more equitable wage system, no overtime, a higher part-time rate to make it more attractive to employ full-time.

Provided our deficit is not excessive, continual talk about a surplus is only a scare tactic and is nonsense. I believe if we economise to the extent suggested, we risk a recession and possibly a depression.

We should be processing refugees on shore and absorbing them into our population.

To support export of manufactured goods, we need a larger home market which means a larger population.

The refugees would make good hard working citizens.

Why are we so special? How do we think the US became so powerful; by letting in refugees from Europe to build their population.

John McLennan, Charlestown